My ideas on love…

Inspired by an emotional breakdown & this perfect article Along my spiritual journey I have come to the undeniable conclusion that I was put on this earth to love. I can feel the emotion bubbling up inside me, all of the love that I need to give! People have come across my path along the … Continue reading My ideas on love…


You are a goddess.

  You are an absolute goddess there is not a single doubt. Go about your daily life and let your crazy out. because goddesses don’t conform There is a special reason why They choose not to walk with the rest, because they were meant to fly.

Cosmic Love

Your eyes made of the cosmos, your soul a tiny galaxy within. While you sleep peacefully next to me I trace a constellation on your skin. Deep in the silence of a world all our own It is so effortless for me to see, how our boundless love has grown. -EBG ♡


A new way of thinking…

Everything happens for a reason, After a recent appointment with my hair dresser who always enlightens my mindset and soul I have had my eyes open to a beautiful new way of looking a things. A new way to think about how everything happens for a reason, hardship, and universal winks and breadcrumbs. Before I … Continue reading A new way of thinking…


Animals and Crystals

Animals have always had such a great way of  telling me what I was doing right or wrong with just their movement, actions, and subtleties. It truly is amazing what can be accomplished with no words at all between an animal and a human. Ever since I started riding and training horses when I was … Continue reading Animals and Crystals


Crystal Elixir ✨

I have been searching for months on end after I saw my first crystal water bottle online, but all of them just seem way to expensive! UNTIL I FOUND... GEMSTONE WELL click me^^ Love drinking my crystal infused water, but seriously how beautiful! This water bottle is reasonably priced, created by great people, and has … Continue reading Crystal Elixir ✨


When you find “your” crystal…

My Favorite Crystal - Opal Some people are blessed enough and sensitive enough to be able to feel crystals on a regular basis. I am not one of those fortune people although my father is! Some people will actually feel heat coming off the crystal or a tingling sensation...which I have never felt. This crystal … Continue reading When you find “your” crystal…